CO2RE Launches New Interactive Map For Greenhouse Gas Removal

CO2RE Announces Four Winners From Its Methane And Ocean CO2 Removal Funding Call - Carbon Herald

CO2RE, also known as The Greenhouse Gas Removal Hub, just announced the launch of its new interactive map for the Greenhouse Gas Removal Demonstrators Programme.

The map was launched in collaboration with the Demonstrators from the UKRI Greenhouse Gas Removal Demonstrators (GGR-D) Programme, which CO2RE is responsible for coordinating.

CO2RE is also responsible for leading research on greenhouse gas removal (GGR) solutions, a major part of which is providing insights into the various challenges in the way of the Demonstrators projects.

Another role of the organization has to do with co-developing evidence that different GGR approaches (e.g., biochar, enhanced rock weathering, etc.) can be scaled and will reach wider acceptability.

The newly launched interactive map allows anyone to track all of the currently available GGR projects in the UK.

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