CO2 Capsol Mobile Carbon Capture Unit Soon On The Market

CO2 Capsol Mobile Carbon Capture Unit Soon On The Market - Carbon Herald

CO2 Capsol’s carbon capture technology enjoys popularity among industrial emitters. According to the company, its mobile carbon capture demonstration units, utilizing Hot Potassium Carbonate (HPC) are experiencing significant interest from potential clients across different industries.

They would like to test the CO2 Capsol’s solution for emissions reduction, so the company made the final investment decision on the technology. The first CapsolGo(TM) mobile carbon capture demonstration unit is soon to be constructed. 

The first test campaign would be conducted in Q3 2022 and the deployment of additional carbon capture units will be considered based on market interest in the upcoming months. 

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The company also offers its demonstration units as a paid service with a flexible testing and validation program, providing clients with valuable data and information on the technology and process.

“With CapsolGo(TM) clients are offered a flexible and cost-efficient way of testing the advantages of our HPC technology on their specific flue gas and operation, in addition to serve as a showcase of carbon capture technology to stakeholders and help win public approval. For us, CapsolGo(TM) will provide valuable data and information in our continuous work to improve our patented technology and drive down the costs for carbon capture even more,” said Jan Kielland, CEO of CO2 Capsol.

The test programs will normally have a duration of 4 months. They will include transportation, installation, operation, and testing services of the CapsolGo(TM) mobile unit. Captimise AB – a company specializing in carbon capture utilization and storage, will be executing the test program.

According to CO2 Capsol, CapsolGo(TM) is fully funded and will not require additional capital. The revenue from the first CapsolGo(TM) will be used to cover investments in additional CapsolGo(TM) demonstration units. A portfolio of several demonstration units has also the potential to generate a significant cash flow to the company.

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