Climeworks To Partner With Northern Lights For Direct Air Carbon Capture

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  • Climeworks maps the way forward for carbon capture businesses with its new potential partnership
  • The company will provide captured CO2 emissions to the Northern Lights project for underground storage
  • The deal comes as part of the Norwegian government’s initiatives on carbon capture development

Climeworks is partnering with the Norwegian government to supply captured CO2 to the Northern Lights project – a joint venture between Equinor, Shell, and Total. Climeworks’ ability to provide the emissions will be assessed and if successful, the full-chain CCS service of the Northern Lights project would be completed. 

The Northern Lights joint venture is supported by the Norwegian government as part of Longship – the first ever cross-border, full-scale, open-source CO2 transport and storage infrastructure network. Its goal is to provide clients the chance to store their CO2 safely and permanently underground. The first phase of this project will be finished by 2024. Its capacity would be up to 1.5 million tonnes of CO2 per year. 

Longship is the government initiative to fund CCS projects in facilities across the country and provides funding for Northern Lights. 

“There is growing awareness of the need to build capacity to remove CO2 from the atmosphere to achieve net zero by 2050. We are enthusiastic about this collaboration with Climeworks. Combined with safe and permanent storage, direct air capture has the potential to get the carbon cycle back in balance,” said the managing director of Northern Lights, Børre Jacobsen. 

Climeworks Participation

Climeworks DAC technologies together with Northern Lights facilities will capture emissions from industrial point sources in the Oslo region. After that the emissions are shipped to an onshore terminal on the Norwegian coast. A facility would transport the liquefied CO2 by pipeline to a 1.62 miles deep offshore storage location below the seabed.

Climeworks also collaborates with the Icelandic company Carbfix. The latter’s technology is used to capture the carbon dioxide that is then stored in a solid formation.

Climeworks has the chance to cater to the growing list of Northern Lights customers, willing to curb their emissions. The DAC technology facilitates companies to become carbon negative so the balance of emissions in the atmosphere could be restored. 

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