Climeworks To Help Boom Supersonic Reach Net-Zero By 2025 With New Agreement

Climeworks To Help Boom Supersonic Reach Net-Zero By 2025 With New Agreement - Carbon Herald
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Carbon removal specialist Climeworks has signed a 10-year agreement with supersonic airliner company Boom Supersonic to help the company achieve net-zero emissions by 2025. 

According to the details of the agreement, Climeworks will offset a portion of the startup’s CO2 emissions by removing that amount of carbon from the atmosphere with its direct air capture (DAC) technology – powered exclusively by renewable energy sources. 

The emissions are to be captured at Climeworks’ DAC and storage facility ‘Orca’ in Iceland, where the CO2 is also injected and permanently stored deep underground in rock formations using the proprietary technology of Carbfix.

Carbon removal is one of the key measures outlined by the latest IPCC report necessary to effectively limit global warming and mitigate the climate crisis. 

Direct air capture, in turn, is one of the most promising technological solutions designed for the purpose due to its high scalability and potential to remove as much as 310 billion tons of carbon by 2100. 

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Boom Supersonic is a startup that is building the world’s fastest and also the most sustainable supersonic airliner. 

The company has set out to redefine the commercial air travel sector by manufacturing jets that fly at least twice as fast as even the fastest aircrafts available today. 

Boom Supersonic aims to fly on 100% sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) and is currently running its carbon-neutral flight test program and with the help of this new agreement hopes to reach net-zero emissions as soon as 2025.

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