Climeworks Reveals Its Generation 3 Direct Air Capture Technology

Climeworks Reveals Its Generation 3 Direct Air Capture Technology - Carbon Herald
The Generation 3 direct air capture technology is based on novel structured sorbent materials housed in modular cubes. Credit: Climeworks

Climeworks – the leader of direct air capture technology deployment, just revealed its latest Generation 3 direct air capture technology with significantly improved performance and efficiency. The new technology will be first deployed in the U.S. and then replicated globally on secured project sites. 

The Generation 3 technology uses novel structured sorbent materials replacing the packed filter beds used in previous technology generations. The new sorbent materials consume half the energy compared to the prior materials and are designed to last three times longer.

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The new structures also increase surface contact with CO2, reducing the time to capture and release it by a factor of at least two. That means the filter will capture more than twice as much CO2 compared to the previous ones. Generation 3 technology will also allow Climeworks to achieve its cost reduction targets of $250-$350 per ton captured and total costs of $400-$600 per ton net removal by 2030. The numbers are an overall cost reduction of up to 50% compared to today’s prices. 

The technology and design have been developed and tested over the past five years at Climeworks’ largest direct air capture testing facility in Switzerland. The technology was implemented at full scale for the first time in June 2024.

“Climeworks has always been committed to technology leadership… This development is based on real field data, enabling the scale-up to megaton removal capacities,” commented Jan Wurzbacher, Co-founder and Co-CEO of Climeworks. 

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According to the announcement, the first plant to utilize the novel technology generation will be built in Louisiana as part of the Project Cypress DAC Hub – one of the DAC hubs funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. Construction is set to begin in 2026. The company is also actively developing projects in other countries such as Norway, Kenya, and Canada, as well as exploring further sites.

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