Climeworks Partners With To Work Toward CDR Certification

Climeworks Partners With To Work Toward CDR Certification - Carbon Herald

Yesterday, carbon removal pioneer Climeworks announced its new partnership with international standard and registry to work towards the certification of the company’s carbon dioxide removal (CDR) under the Puro Standard. 

Carbfix, carbon mineralization expert and long-term partner of Climeworks, has also entered the agreement with 

The announcement is a highly important one as it marks a critical milestone on Climeworks’ path, as well as for the carbon removal industry in general. 

For one, this is a major step towards advancing the standardization of direct air capture + storage (DAC+S), which is vital for the transparency and trustworthiness of Climeworks’ services, and provides buyers with certainty as to the quality of purchased carbon removals. 

Both Climeworks and Carbfix have previously made efforts to boost monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) standards, which is a much needed component for the emerging carbon removal sector to grow and reach the necessary scale. 

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Namely, in September 2022, both companies worked to develop a methodology encompassing the entire DAC+S process together, which was successfully validated by international accredited registrar DNV

The new partnership with is a logical continuation of the standardization process of DAC+S and will place Climeworks in alignment with the ongoing restructuring of the voluntary carbon market (VCM), which is aimed at raising the bar for quality requirements.

With that in mind, certification under the Puro Standard, which is widely accepted as a hallmark of high quality for carbon removals, Climeworks will essentially help build trust in direct air capture as a technological means of removing residual CO2 emissions from the atmosphere.

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