Climeworks’ Modular DAC Process – Live Event!

This week on “This is CDR” we will have the opportunity to listen to a guest from one of the most prominent companies in the carbon removal area – Climeworks. Head of Climate Policy Christoph Beuttler will join the Open Air Collective team and talk about their modular DAC system.

The event will be live on October 5th, 2021, at 12pm ET. Click this link to listen in.

Modular DAC will be an interesting topic but Mr Beuttler will also talk about the current state and future prospects of the direct air capture and removal markets and where Climeworks is positioned there. Apart from his role with Climeworks, he is also a Founding Board Member and President of the Negative Emissions Platform, a Board Member of CO2 Value Europe, a Senior Expert for the Risk Dialogue Foundation, and a Visiting Lecturer at ETH Zurich. Christoph was educated in Heidelberg and London, with a background in Economics, Management and Sustainability.

The Open Air Collective – a network of volunteers who collaborate on shared projects that push Direct Air Carbon Capture forward in the real world – launched a series of webinars focused on carbon capture technology and carbon dioxide removal several months ago and it features guests across the carbon capture, utilization and removal spectrum. Here is the previous episode of “This is CDR” with Chris Magwood from the Endeavour Centre who talked about carbon sequestration in the built environment.

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