Climeworks Delivers First Verified Carbon Removals To Corporate Customers

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Source: Climeworks

Swiss direct air capture (DAC) company Climeworks has just made the carbon removals delivery to its first corporate customers. 

Namely, the customers are tech giants Stripe, Microsoft and Shopify, who signed deals for large quantities of carbon dioxide removals (CDR) with Climeworks last year. 

The carbon removals were performed by the company’s first DAC plant Orca, located in Iceland, and were audited and certified by DNV, a leading quality assurance provider.

In fact, the certification was based on a very strict and detailed methodology for direct air capture and storage (DAC+S) that was co-developed together by Climeworks and Carbfix and validated by DNV in 2022, and marked a significant milestone not just for Climeworks, but the carbon removal space in general. 

Carbfix, in turn, is a strategic partner that specializes in carbon mineralization and the permanent storage of the captured CO2 emissions.

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“On Climeworks’ journey to gigaton scale, providing our first corporate customers with CDR services is an exciting milestone we’re proud to reach with the rigorous validation of a certifying 3rd party. It demonstrates we want to do the right things but also do them the right way,” said Christoph Gebald, co-CEO and co-founder of Climeworks.

Gebald also noted that while scaling Climeworks’ operations is certainly part of the company’s mission, another no less important part involves being able to guarantee customers that the CDR their purchase is of the highest quality.

At this time, Climeworks has not yet specified the exact amount of the successful carbon removal delivery.

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