Climeworks Becomes First DAC Company To Receive Puro Standard Certification

Climeworks Becomes First DAC Company To Receive Puro Standard Certification - Carbon Herald

Climeworks, a frontrunner in removing carbon dioxide directly from the air, has become the world’s first direct air capture (DAC) company to be certified under the Puro Standard. 

This achievement marks a significant milestone for the carbon removal and DAC industry.

Working alongside Carbfix, their partner specializing in CO2 storage and mineralization, Climeworks underwent a rigorous evaluation of their carbon removal activities at the Orca facility in Iceland. 

Orca holds the distinction of being the world’s first commercial plant for both DAC and storage.

According to Climeworks co-founder Jan Wurzbacher, their mission is to make a substantial impact on climate change by capturing massive amounts of carbon (gigatons) by 2050. 

To achieve this ambitious goal, building trust with investors, customers, and collaborators is crucial. Earning third-party certification under the Puro Standard positions Climeworks as a leader in transparency and sets a new standard for the industry.

Establishing a Benchmark for Trust and Transparency

Puro Standard certification verifies the legitimacy of Climeworks’ carbon removal services.  

It confirms that the company removes carbon dioxide permanently and adheres to strict criteria, including ensuring the captured carbon doesn’t re-enter the atmosphere (additionality) and remains securely stored (durability).  

To guarantee clear tracking and prevent double-counting, certified removals are documented in the public Puro Registry, which follows the entire process from issuance to final retirement of the credits.

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Eve Tamme, from Climate Principles, applauds Climeworks’ leadership in advocating for and implementing high standards within the carbon removal market.  

She emphasizes the importance of aligning with initiatives like the Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market (ICVCM), which promote higher quality carbon credits.  

Tamme hopes this will encourage more carbon removal projects to follow Climeworks’ example.

The Puro Standard Certification Process

The Puro Standard certification process involves a meticulous audit of both Climeworks’ DAC technology and Carbfix’s CO2 mineralization process. 

An accredited body (DNV in the case of Orca) verifies that Climeworks’ carbon removal aligns with the Puro methodology’s stringent quality criteria. Once verified, certifies the carbon removal achieved during the audit period.  

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CO2 Removal Certificates (CORCs) are then issued on the Puro registry. These certificates are retired upon being delivered to a specific client, who becomes the sole entity authorized to claim the carbon credits.  

This ensures complete transparency and accountability throughout the process.

Marianne Tikkanen, from, commends Climeworks for achieving this first-ever Puro Standard certification in the DAC industry. This, she states, sets a new bar for the entire market, where transparency and accurate accounting are paramount for customer confidence.

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