Climeworks Announces New Milestones Of Mammoth DAC Plant

Mammoth site with completed process hall cladding1. Source: Climeworks

In June 2022, Climeworks began construction of its largest direct air capture and storage (DAC + S) plant called Mammoth. 

Mammoth will boast an initiative capacity to capture 36,000 tons of CO2 every year, once it becomes operational.

Mammoth process hall foundation. Source: Climeworks

So far, the plant is coming along as planned and is well in line with the ambitious vision of Climeworks to scale its DAC technology.

Namely, the Swiss company aims to reach multi-megaton capacity in the coming decade and move on to gigaton capacity by mid-century. 

Mammoth is being built in Iceland and in the six months since construction began, Climeworks’ team has already made plenty of progress, including the completion of the facility’s process hall and setting up the foundations for Mammoth’s collector containers.

Mammoth process hall. Source: Climeworks

In addition, Mammoth will also have its own maintenance hall onsite, the foundation of which is also already up. 

Mammoth maintenance hall foundation. Source: Climeworks

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