Climeworks And Svante To Collaborate On Direct Air Capture Hubs Advancement

Climeworks And Svante To Collaborate On Direct Air Capture Hubs Advancement - Carbon Herald
Source: Climeworks

The direct air capture specialist Climeworks and Svante – a carbon capture technology provider, are partnering to advance deployment of direct air capture commercial-scale solutions. The companies announced on January 30th they have signed a collaboration and supply agreement for Svante’s contactor blocks incorporating first-of-its-kind filter technology.

According to the agreement, Climeworks will purchase contactor blocks from Svante for its planned megaton direct air capturing hubs in the US. The companies will also collaborate on three major CO2 removal projects. The partnership represents a step toward developing direct air capture hubs in the U.S. capable of capturing megatons of CO2. The purchase of contactor blocks for the three major Climeworks projects is also intended to lead to a commercial-scale supply agreement. 

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Back in August 2023, the US Department of Energy announced it selected the proposals from Climeworks, Battelle and Heirloom to develop DAC hubs as part of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law’s Regional Direct Air Capture (DAC) Hubs program. Later on, it also announced up to $1.2 billion for America’s first two direct air capture (DAC) hubs in Texas and Louisiana as well as 19 additional projects that aim at deploying future DAC Hub facilities.

Climeworks is entitled to develop three hubs – in Louisiana, California, and North Dakota, which makes it eligible for a total of more than $600 million in government funding. 

“We’ve been closely collaborating with Climeworks over the past three years, and because of that proximity, we felt comfortable entering into this kind of arrangement. The combination of our advanced technologies represents a significant step forward in the nascent direct air capture industry, playing a critical role in meeting the world’s net-zero ambitions,” says Claude Letourneau, President and CEO of Svante.

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Svante’s technology represents nanoengineered filters inside commercial-scale regenerative rotary contactors, known as rotary adsorption machines or “RAMs” that can capture 500 – 2000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per day. According to Svante, the machines capture CO2 from industrial facilities as well as from the air.   

With the extension of the collaboration, Climeworks will make use of Svante’s filter technology that traps CO2 from the air, aimed to further enhance the performance of the carbon dioxide capturing process. According to Jan Wurzbacher, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Climeworks, Svante is one of the key players in the ecosystem to help the company achieve a massive growth of our carbon removal technology to create climate impact.

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