Climeworks And Deep Sky To Explore Canada’s Potential In Scaling Direct Air Capture

Climeworks And Deep Sky To Explore Canada's Potential In Scaling Direct Air Capture - Carbon Herald
Credit: Climeworks

The direct air capture (DAC) leader Climeworks and Deep Sky – a Canada-based carbon removal project developer will partner to scale direct air capture and storage. The companies announced on November 21st that they have signed a non-exclusive Memorandum of Understanding to explore the development of large-scale direct air capture and storage projects in Canada. 

According to the agreement, the companies will explore Canada’s potential for an abundance of renewable energy, including hydro and wind power, and permanent and safe geologic storage of CO2. 

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Deep Sky and Climeworks are brought together by their shared vision of scaling fast high-quality carbon dioxide removal. They aim for the development of DAC projects that will remove up to 1 million tons of CO2 annually, with a target to install the first DAC capacity before 2030.

Deep Sky plans to deploy Climeworks’ proven technology in Canada. As one of the pioneers in the space, Climeworks draws on more than a decade of experience and operates the world’s only large-scale commercial DAC+S facility that verifiably removes CO2 from the air. 

As a local project developer, Deep Sky is well-positioned to identify stakeholders across the public and private sectors to engage with potential projects. It is also able to build carbon removal infrastructure and has a team with vast subsurface experience.

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“As a team that’s committed to rapidly scaling CDR, we’re pleased to partner with Climeworks to welcome them to the world hub of carbon removal – Canada… Together, we’re laying the groundwork to solidify Canada’s position as the carbon removal capital of the world. We must move quickly to fight global warming since the climate crisis demands immediate action,” said Damien Steel, CEO of Deep Sky. 

“This announcement marks a new chapter in Climeworks’ rapid deployment journey as we solidify our global carbon removal leadership position. Canada’s rich clean energy resources will be catalytic in our endeavor to bring our proven high-quality solution to the country, starting with the collaboration with Deep Sky,” also commented Daniel Nathan, Chief Project Development Officer at Climeworks.

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