ClimaFi Announces Appointment Of Kevin Iwanaga As Senior Advisor

Climafi Announces Appointment Of Kevin Iwanaga As Senior Advisor - Carbon Herald

Climafi Limited, a pioneer in climate technology and a driving force in establishing innovative standards for precision measurement of carbon fluxes in the agricultural sector, is excited to announce the strategic appointment of Kevin Iwanaga as Senior Advisor.

Kevin Iwanaga comes with a wealth of experience within the environmental sustainability and financial sectors, having occupied instrumental roles in various organizations, including most recently as President of Air Carbon Exchange, Middle East & Africa, where he introduced an industry first fully regulated Distributed Ledger Technology based carbon trading platform in Abu Dhabi Global Market. Kevin is a co-founder of the UAE Carbon Alliance and excels in fostering partnerships, developing strategic alliances.

His background makes him exceptionally positioned for advising Climafi as the company seeks to expand its influence and operational capabilities in the Middle East. In his role, Iwanaga will provide strategic insight into the development of significant alliances with carbon investment funds and carbon credit buyers in the Middle Eastern markets. This effort is part of Climafi’s broader strategy to globalize its impact, extending its revolutionary approaches in carbon monitoring and management to new territories.

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“Climafi is embarking on a critical mission at a pivotal time when the call for verifiable and effective climate solutions is urgent. The Middle East represents a strategic interest for carbon investment, and bringing Kevin onboard is a step towards integrating this region into our operational blueprint. His understanding of the investment landscape and sustainability initiatives is unparalleled,” said Tim de Rosen, CEO of Climafi.

Iwanaga’s commitment to environmental finance and sustainability aligns with Climafi’s core missions and values. His expertise in negotiation, strategic partnership building, and deep understanding of the environmental credit market will prove invaluable in guiding Climafi’s endeavors. “I am thrilled to join Climafi, an innovator and leader in climate-smart agriculture technologies. This opportunity to serve as a bridge between Climafi and strategic alliances in the Middle East is not just strategic positioning for the company; it’s a chance to make a significant impact on global carbon mitigation efforts,” expressed Kevin Iwanaga.

This announcement underscores Climafi’s commitment to its vision of a global standard in agricultural carbon accounting and emphasizes the importance of strategic partnerships in achieving impactful climate solutions.

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