Clearyst° Signs Carbon Removal Agreement with Lillianah Technologies

Clearyst° Signs Carbon Removal Agreement with Lillianah Technologies - Carbon Herald

Clearyst°, a solution-based sustainability tech company, announced today its participation in a two-year carbon removal agreement with Lillianah Technologies. Under the agreement, Lillianah will capture and remove carbon in the form of carbon removal credits using its proprietary phytoplankton dispersal methodology.

This method of capture and removal is one of the best-understood and most cost-effective approaches to marine Carbon Dioxide Removal (mCDR), making it the highest-quality form of aquatic-based carbon capture which involves sinking biomass in already polluted regions. By partnering with Lillianah, Clearyst° is operating at net zero.

Clearyst° helps businesses achieve their ESG and sustainability goals by helping them quickly find, learn and incorporate the necessary tools and knowledge to be environmentally and socially aligned with the values of employees, consumers, and investors.

Its platform combines performance management, data intelligence, learning and expert consultation to help businesses expedite ESG imperatives. Within its platform and advisory services, Clearyst° helps businesses calculate carbon removal needs and facilitates carbon removal agreements.

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Lillianah enables businesses to achieve their net zero aspirations by capturing meaningful volumes of carbon using a novel ocean-based biological approach. By being able to lead carbon removal efforts with a new line of thinking, one that is scientifically justified and provides beneficial environmental co-benefits, we can make the world a better place, one that is better suited for our kids and our kids’ kids.

“As a sustainability technology company and signatory to the UN PRI, Clearyst° is leading by example with our own decarbonization strategy,” said Clearyst° Founder and Co-CEO Chris Robinson. “This partnership with Lillianah Technologies not only allows us to operate at net zero but is an opportunity to support one of the highest-quality carbon credits available.”

“Partnerships like this are the direct result of focused organizations dedicated to providing comprehensive sustainability solutions,” said Lillianah Technologies Founder and CEO Benjamin Slotnick. “Together, we’re streamlining the transition to a low-carbon economy.” Slotnick currently serves on Clearyst’s advisory board.

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