ClearTrace Partners With Iron Mountain For Hourly Carbon Analysis

ClearTrace Partners With Iron Mountain For Hourly Carbon Analysis - Carbon Herald

Information management services company Iron Mountain has chosen ClearTrace to provide hourly carbon analysis for the entirety of its US data centers.

ClearTrace has developed a leading energy and carbon accounting platform that can help businesses reach their sustainability goals by minimizing their impact on the environment. 

And it does this by providing advanced digital infrastructure to help make sense of energy usage data and calculating an organization’s carbon impact, 24/7. 

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Furthermore, the platform delivers 100% traceable and verifiable information about both the energy and carbon records, to help companies meet their energy goals. 

That is precisely what ClearTrace will be helping Iron Mountain with, as well. 

Iron Mountain is committed to having 100% of the power consumption of its data centers all across the country provided by clean energy sources. 

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24/7 load-matched renewable, carbon-free power for all of its energy needs is the end game for the information management firm. 

Both sides have already run a successful pilot, and now they are eagerly expecting the insights provided by ClearTrace’s technology. 

In a comment on the recent partnership, Iron Mountain’s Director Energy and Sustainability Chris Pennington underlined the importance of having ‘accurate reporting and credible results’ to rely on in the company’s ambitions to achieve complete decarbonization. 

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The data and its analysis provided by ClearTrace will offer the tools necessary for Iron Mountain to procure renewable energy that corresponds to its current hourly shortfalls. 

And Iron Mountain certainly isn’t the only one spearheading this new trend of 24/7 load-matched renewables – a method found to be significantly more effective in reducing CO2 emissions than purchasing renewable energy on an annual basis.

JPMorgan will also be making use of ClearTrace’s service as part of its partnership with NextEra Energy Resources, as was announced last week. 

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