CleanO2 Receives CA$2.75 Million In Seed Funding

Clean02 Receives CA$2.75 Million in Seed Funding, Will Use It For Growth And Expansion - Carbon Herald
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CleanO2 Carbon Capture Technologies (Clean 02), a carbon capture tech company based in Calgary, Alabama, has raised CA$2.75 million (U.S$2.09 million) in seed funding. The company – which produces the world’s first carbon capture soap – plans to use the funds to speed up growth and expand operations. 

The Regeneration.VC-led round also saw the participation of Export Development Canada, Duke Street Investments Inc., TIRI Group, and Local Investment YYC Cooperative.

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CleanO2 – led by CEO Jaeson Cardiff – is a carbon capture tech company, which produces patented hardware to capture fugitive CO2 emissions and then turn it into cleaning products and fertilizers. Its proprietary CarbinX capture unit upcycles carbon captured from natural gas heating system waste into stable carbonates. CleanO2 converts the sequestered product into non-toxic pearl ash (potassium carbonate) to manufacture “made with captured carbon” products such as soaps, shampoos, cleaning products and fertilizers.  

The people who established the company– Cardiff, Kathi Fischer and Scott Forgrave — are also behind the invention of CarbinX. The three founders began operations in Calgary and then expanded across the U.S., Canada and Japan, partnering with some of the largest companies that are looking to cut down their CO2 emissions. 

The CarbinX devices capture CO2 from heating systems that use natural gas, such as boilers, water heaters and furnaces. Heating buildings is responsible for 20% of Canada’s CO2 emissions, 12% of the U.S. CO2 emissions and 7% of global emissions. According to the CleanO2 website, one CarbinX machine is as effective in reducing CO2 emissions as 300 trees. 

“We are proponents  of circular beauty, which is the idea that great skincare can be a positive force in protecting the environment,” the company website also reads. Four principles guide the work of CleanO2: creating net environmental benefit, reusing as much as possible, working with natural ingredients and sustainable suppliers, and designing waste by donating soap leftovers to charity Soap for Hope to produce secondary products. 

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