Clairity Technology Raises $6.5M To Capture CO2 From The Air Efficiently

Clairity Technology Raises $6.5M To Capture CO2 From The Air Efficiently - Carbon Herald

New direct air capture startup is joining the battle of removing excess emissions from the atmosphere for a true net zero future. Clairity Technology is a California-based DAC company, founded in 2022 with the goal of rapidly scaling direct air capture with a more effective and low-cost approach compared to traditional processes. 

The startup has also announced it raised $6.75 million in a seed round to scale its solution. The round was led by Initialized Capital and Lowercarbon Capital, as reported exclusively by TechCrunch. The investment will help towards the development of the company’s first pilot plant that will capture 100 tons of CO2 per year.

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Upon completion in 2024, Clairity Technology plans to start rapid iteration to decrease the energy intensity and improve material properties via heavy investments in material science and systems engineering to optimize performance.

Clairity’s approach utilizes solid sorbents for the capture of CO2. Honeycomb monoliths are coated with carbonate salts that selectively react with the CO2 from the air. The CO2 gets binded into the crystalline structure of the salts and is then collected and concentrated within the reactor system. The CO2 is diluted, meaning it is not in high-purity which according to the company is a competitive advantage as the plants can be designed with lower precision in mind and costs are saved. 

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The diluted CO2 stream can be poured and thus sequestered into concrete, stored underground, turned into rocks, or utilized in sustainable aviation fuels. The company is also building its reactors with traditional, cost effective building materials like the ones used for a house to avoid the need for massive amounts of concrete and steel that are normally required for high-purity systems.

Thanks to its optimization solutions, the company says it can realistically achieve scalability to remove a billion tons of CO2. It is also partnering with CarbonBuilt – a notable carbon utilization company that sequesters captured CO2 into concrete. Clairity’s captured CO2 is fed directly into CarbonBuilt’s process, where it chemically reacts with CarbonBuilt’s low-carbon binder and gets permanently stored in the finished concrete.

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