Cignus Instruments Launches New CO2 Direct Mass Flow Metering Solution

Cignus Instruments Launches New CO2 Direct Mass Flow Metering Solution - Carbon Herald

Norway-based Cignus Instruments has launched a new-generation CO2 mass flow metering solution in preparation for better and more precise calculations for future industry-level CCS operations. 

The new mechanism will have advanced measuring capabilities compared to the options currently available on the market.

As governments and industries embark on an imminent transition towards effective climate action and as carbon capture and storage technologies continue to develop and infiltrate business infrastructures, a key role in tracking the effect of the CCS mechanisms continues to be the ability to correctly measure the amounts of the accumulated mass carbon dioxide.

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However, studies show that the measurement tools used for mass flow measurement so far, such as the Coriolis mass flow meters, do not meet the technical requirements that are vital for accurate tracking, especially in large-scale CCS chains.

Although these meters are considered the most precise and the only technology for direct mass flow measurement, they fall short when it comes to large pipe diameters and large operating pressures. 

They also have a considerable internal pressure drop, which can be problematic when handling liquids close to the boiling point, where the measurement mechanism can easily lead to an error. Lastly, these meters are not intended for subsea installations.

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The innovative Cignus Instruments mass flow metering solution was developed as an answer to all these challenges, and the technology is not only fitted for subsea operations, but it is also better suited for high-pressure, larger-scale pipes, and it has a low internal pressure drop.

This technology is being developed as part of NFR ENERGIX’s IPN project 327715 Cignus Instruments “Mass flow meter for H2 and liquidCO2”, with partnering companies Sintef Energi, Equinor, NEL, TechnipFMC, and TotalEnergies.

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