China And Canada In A Rush To Accelerate Carbon Capture

China And Canada In A Rush To Accelerate Carbon Capture - Carbon Herald

China is starting to make efforts to curb the emissions of its cement industry. The China Building Materials Academy (CBMA) and Canada’s International CCS Knowledge Centre are collaborating to share knowledge and experience in carbon capture technology for the global cement industry. 

They have signed an agreement granting the two organizations access to each other’s operational data, design and testing of carbon capture plants, emission-related information, and any improvements made to CO2 capture test platforms.

CBMA plans to apply the Knowledge Centre’s model and Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) of a test platform as a first step under the agreement. The test platform has a capture capacity of approximately 155kg of CO2 per day. The project is related to a carbon capture system built on a post-combustion flue gas process from a cement kiln.

China’s Carbon Capture Motivation

The collaboration is part of a bigger goal of the China Building Materials Academy to apply the know-how from the Knowledge Centre across its industrial plants. The carbon capture pilot platform is expected to be a testing ground that will help the organization adapt the application for potential scale-up to a commercial demonstration.

The agreement is also part of a bilateral science and technology cooperation between Canada and China. China’s carbon emissions are aimed by the government to peak before 2030 and the country wants to reach carbon neutrality before 2060 which requires it to accelerate innovation, know-how, and deployment of carbon removal technologies. The cement industry offers a great potential for decarbonization as it is one of the most carbon-heavy.

“Deep GHG emission reduction objectives can only be achieved by adhering to the decarbonization technology route, by applying CCS technologies to capture the carbon dioxide emissions from various aspects of the production process,” said Zhou Yuxian, Chairman of China Building Materials Group.

The collaboration between Canada – a global leader in carbon capture deployment and innovation and China – the biggest emitter of CO2 in the world, is a positive development for the world, trying to reach a net zero economy by 2050.

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