Chevron Forming Carbon Capture Consortium In Singapore

Chevron Among Five Companies To Form Consortium For Carbon Capture Deployment - Carbon Herald
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Carbon capture utilization and storage is gaining a footing in Asia. Four corporations including Air Liquide, Chevron, Keppel Infrastructure, and PetroChina1 announced they have signed a memorandum of understanding to form a consortium to evaluate and advance the development of large-scale carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) solutions in Singapore.

The consortium will research, test, and develop technological, logistical, operational solutions and infrastructure for CCUS in Singapore. 

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The companies plan to use captured CO2 from industrial emitters to make useful products like plastics, fuels, and cement, and/or transport it through either pipelines or ships to suitable reservoirs in the Asia Pacific region for storage via a process of injecting it into deep underground geologic formations.

Through this consortium, the companies will look to provide industry-wide carbon capture integrated infrastructure. They will support the energy and chemicals sector, by capturing and aggregating the carbon emissions from large industrial plants.

“Supporting the decarbonization of industry to help address the urgency of climate change is a priority. We are pleased to collaborate with Keppel Infrastructure, Chevron, and PetroChina in this decarbonization endeavor, leveraging our expertise and experience in carbon capture, purification, and liquefaction to build a comprehensive carbon capture decarbonization solution,” said Michele Gritti, Vice President, Large Industries and Energy Transition of Air Liquide SEA Cluster.

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According to Chris Powers, Vice President of CCUS, Chevron New Energies, the company is looking forward to working with like-minded collaborators to progress and advance the development of large-scale CCUS solutions in the Asia Pacific region for decades to come.

Deployment of carbon emissions reduction infrastructure is important for all industrial processes in order to reduce their heavy carbon footprint. Large investments in carbon capture developments are needed in the next decade to achieve a rapid dump in emissions from industrial smokestacks.

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