CheckSammy Launches New Carbon Market, Partners With South Pole

CheckSammy Launches New Carbon Market, Partners With South Pole - Carbon Herald
Credit: CheckSammy

A new carbon marketplace has launched on January 26th to offer companies a service to fulfill their ESG scores. CheckSammy is a Surrey, British Columbia-based material and recycling company that is broadening its sustainability offerings with its newly launched CheckSammy carbon offset marketplace.   

The CheckSammy carbon offset market provides the opportunity for clients to purchase carbon offsets from global carbon reduction projects across the biodiversity, nature-based solutions, wind, and waste-to-energy sectors. 

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“…Customers turn to us for highly customized solutions to divert materials and bulk waste from landfills and for our detailed reports on the outcomes. Still, there’s a growing need to efficiently improve ESG performance… Coupled with our diversion and sustainability initiatives, the Carbon Offset Marketplace creates trusted options for accelerating sustainability goals,” said Sam Scoten, Co-Founder and CEO of CheckSammy.

According to CheckSammy, the carbon market initiative is a response to increasing global regulations regarding emissions reductions across our economy that indicate organizations will need to more clearly disclose their investments in sustainability efforts. The increasing demand for carbon credits would also require more supply options. 

The marketplace is also launched in partnership with South Pole – a global provider of climate financing and a developer of verified emission-reduction projects.

South Pole is the world’s leading climate solutions provider since its creation in 2006. The company has developed nearly 1,000 projects in over 50 countries that are reported to have reduced nearly 200 million metric tons of CO2 emissions. Its projects provide social benefits to communities that are particularly vulnerable to climate change. They come from sectors like sustainable agriculture, forest conservation, waste management, energy efficiency and decentralized renewable energy. 

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Carbon offsets need to undergo strict processes of measurement, verification so they translate into actual emissions reduction. All future carbon marketplaces have to make sure the projects they offer actually support planet-changing efforts if the world really wants to move away from the business as-usual status quo and achieve sustainability and climate balance. 

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