Chart Industries And Koch Engineered Solutions Sign New CCUS Agreement

Chart Industries And Koch Engineered Solutions Sign New CCUS Agreement - Carbon Herald

Two major market leaders, Koch Engineered Solutions (KES) and Chart Industries, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, marking the beginning of their CCUS collaboration and a combined pursuit of new knowledge and new carbon capture opportunities.

Chart Industries is a global manufacturer of highly engineered equipment, servicing projects in the clean energy and industrial gas markets.

Koch Engineered Solutions shares the vision for a greener future, providing solutions in process and pollution control equipment and digital technologies to help industries reduce emissions.

The partnership between the two companies is expected to broaden their market reach and introduce their services to various industries and potential key clients. 

With their expertise and long-standing experience in their respective fields, they hope to cooperate on ongoing projects and grow their knowledge base for future ventures.

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Ben Gurtler, commercial director of carbon capture at KES, commented on the occasion: “With our advantaged capabilities in plant equipment design and services, KES is excited to partner with Chart, an established global engineering and manufacturing company with all mission-critical equipment and technology for carbon capture in a one-stop shop.”

One of the first projects to benefit from this collaboration will be Chart’s signature Cryogenic Carbon Capture™ (CCC) system, a highly innovative and sought-after technology that has the potential to reduce industrial-level CO2 by 90–99%. 

The collective efforts concerning this project will be focused on pinning down sites to utilize and further develop this technology.

Chart Industries will also be able to rely on Koch Engineered Solutions’ mass transfer equipment and onsite vessel construction capacities, as well as their engineering and procurement know-how, which can serve to great advantage in Chart’s new small-scale CCC project at Central Plains Cement Company LLC’s cement plant in Sugar Creek, Missouri, scheduled to begin operations in 2023.

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