Certified Carbon Credits Ltd To Buy 1M Carbon Credits From Mikoko Initiative

Certified Carbon Credits Ltd To Buy 1M Carbon Credits From Mikoko Initiative - Carbon Herald

Certified Carbon Credits Limited (CCCL), a global leader in carbon offset solutions, is excited to announce a groundbreaking 20-year agreement with Kenya’s Mikoko Initiative C.B.O. This accord, set to manage a minimum of 1,000,000 tonnes of carbon credits per year, focuses on blue carbon credits, emphasizing mangrove and other forest projects in Kenya.

The Certified Carbon Credits Agreement: A Milestone in Carbon Credit Management

Under the agreement, CCCL will purchase certified carbon credits from the Mikoko Initiative’s mangrove restoration projects. This collaboration represents a significant step towards environmental sustainability, aligning with both organizations’ commitment to combating climate change and supporting biodiversity.

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Quotes from Leadership

Honourable Owen Yaa Baya, Deputy Majority Leader of the Kenyan Parliament and Member of Parliament for Kilifi North, representing Mikoko Initiative, expressed excitement about this partnership. “This agreement with CCCL is a testament to our dedication to preserving Kenya’s natural habitats and our proactive approach in the fight against climate change,” said Baya.

Daniel Brody, President of CCCL, commented on the partnership’s significance. “Our collaboration with Mikoko Initiative marks a new era in sustainable development. By focusing on blue carbon projects, we aim to set a benchmark in the carbon credit market, ensuring environmental preservation and community support,” Brody stated.

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Innovative Technology Integration

Further enhancing this venture, CCCL has commissioned XGC Software Inc. to develop a blockchain-ERP solution for efficient carbon credit management. This technology promises to revolutionize the way carbon credits are managed, ensuring authenticity and impact.

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