Cepi Sets Out To Make All Paper Packaging Recyclable By 2025

Cepi Sets Out To Make All Paper Packaging Recyclable By 2025 - Carbon Herald
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The European association representing the paper industry Cepi has updated its European test method for paper recyclability to ensure all paper packaging is recyclable by 2025. 

Furthermore, the non-profit organization aims to achieve a 90% recycling rate by 2030. 

The newly updated recyclability test method developed by Cepi provides the necessary basis for the testing of paper products across all of Europe to determine their recyclability in identical conditions.

Namely, the method allows scientists to take processes that typically take place at industrial scale in paper recycling mills and replicate them in laboratory conditions.

The method’s latest annexes are the result of an intensive collaboration with 4evergreen alliance that brings together the whole fiber-based packaging value chain and its member-companies. 

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Based on the updated recyclability testing method, 4evergreen has announced it will soon provide a ‘recyclability evaluation protocol’ containing the ‘pass through’ criteria for packaging developers. 

The initiative by Cepi to improve paper packaging recyclability is geared towards supporting the European transition to a low-carbon, circular economy.

“The method developed together by the actors gathered by Cepi and 4evergreen provides a comprehensive toolkit to boost recyclability validation across Europe in a harmonized way,” said Hans Wortman, Chair of the 4evergreen alliance.

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