CEMEX And Partners’ Carbon Neutral Alliance To Speed Up Innovation

CEMEX And Partners’ Carbon Neutral Alliance To Speed Up Innovation - Carbon Herald
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Building materials company CEMEX and its partners inaugurated the Carbon Neutral Alliance, which aims to advance the development of innovative technologies and turn CEMEX’s Rüdersdorf plant into the first carbon-neutral cement plant by 2030. 

The Carbon Neutral Alliance includes over 20 companies and public entities that have committed to climate innovation. The Rüdersdorf plant will introduce a waste heat recovery project in the summer of 2022.

Other technologies include the development of renewable energy generation and the production of sustainable aviation fuel together with Sasol and ENERTRAG.

The inauguration brought together Brandenburg’s Minister of the Economy Prof. Jörg Steinbach, the CEO of CEMEX Fernando A. Gonzalez, the Executive Vice President of Sasol: Sasol 2.0

Transformation Marius Brand, Dr. Helge Sachs, Senior Vice President of Sasol ecoFT; and Francisco Quiroga, the Mexican Ambassador in Germany who launched the consortium on May 31 at the Rüdersdorf plant. The alliance is a crucial step toward CEMEX’s goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. 

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“At the Rüdersdorf cement plant, we are introducing breakthrough decarbonization technologies that will bring the world closer to climate neutrality,” González said. “Each step towards this goal is made easier through cooperation with our business partners. We are delighted to be partnering with an alliance of world class industrial experts and with governmental authorities who are as committed as we are to decarbonization.”

The Carbon Neutral Alliance in Rüdersdorf will set the foundation for the company’s further efforts to decarbonize the process of producing cement in its plants globally. 

The alliance is part of a bigger initiative aimed at climate action at CEMEX: Future in Action. Back in 2020, CEMEX introduced its carbon strategy and set the target to decrease its CO2 emissions by 40% by 2030 as compared to 1990 emission levels. On a European level, the expectations are that this target will be achieved by 2022.

In line with the EU’s new strategy to decrease CO2 emissions, CEMEX plans to bring the emissions down by 55% at its European locations. Additionally, the company has set the target to achieve carbon neutrality in concrete by 2050. 

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