Cella Mineral Storage And Carbon Atlantis Partner On A Demo Pilot In Kenya

Cella Mineral Storage And Carbon Atlantis Partner On A Demo Pilot In Kenya - Carbon Herald
Credit: Cella Mineral Storage

Direct air capture and storage developments continue as more and more companies are joining forces to grow the continuous momentum. Cella Mineral Storage – a carbon mineralization startup founded in 2022 working to scale its efficient and permanent geologic carbon sequestration process and Carbon Atlantis – a Munich-based direct air capture (DAC) technology company, announced they will be working together to deploy their complementary DAC approaches.

Credit: Cella Mineral Storage Closes A $3.3M Funding Round

Their partnership will initially focus on deploying Cella’s demo pilot in Kenya, which is being built in collaboration with Octavia Carbon. The testing is expected to start later this year with Carbon Atlantis’s captured and bottled CO2. 

The announcement also marks Carbon Atlantis’ efforts to foster the direct air capture industry in Kenya, leveraging its abundant renewable energy and geological storage resources. An increasing number of DAC companies is eying the country as the next go-to destination for economic and efficient development of the nascent technology. 

Credit: Cella Mineral Storage, Octavia Carbon

“Our storage facility in Kenya is amongst the largest of its kind that permanently removes CO2 through mineralization in basalts for negative emissions. We chose Kenya for its unique combination of geology and geothermal energy, which provides ideal conditions for DAC partners…” commented back in 2023 Corey Pattison, CEO of Cella Mineral Storage in relation to the company’s announced partnership with Octavia Carbon.

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Octavia – the Global South’s first direct air capture company and Cella are partnering on pilot called “Project Hummingbird” that will have the capacity to capture CO2 from the atmosphere and store 1 kiloton or 1,000 tons of CO2 annually, thanks to the carbon mineralization technology provided by Cella.

The pilot, expected to begin operation in October 2024, will also sell carbon credits certified by the leading carbon removal platform Puro.earth. This strong team of carbon removal leaders signifies reliable direct air capture development in Kenya executed from the start, helping bring integrity, stability and trust in the voluntary carbon market for high-durability CDR.

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