Cella And Great Carbon Valley To Accelerate Green Development In Kenya

Cella And Great Carbon Valley To Accelerate Green Development In Kenya - Carbon Herald

Cella, a company specializing in carbon mineralization, has announced a collaboration with Great Carbon Valley, a pioneer in green projects and decarbonization. As per the agreement, Cella and Great Carbon Valley will work on Cella’s initial demonstration plant, with GCV assisting in the incorporation of Direct Air Capture (DAC) units.

Together, they aim to revolutionize the way sustainability is approached in the region, focusing on promoting green practices and minimizing carbon footprints.

With the increase in carbon capture, Cella is working hard to address the demand for carbon storage. Their focus is on developing carbon removal solutions that enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and lessen environmental repercussions. 

Their approach is to inject collected atmospheric CO2 into volcanic rocks, where it is permanently locked underground through mineralization. Through this process, the carbon becomes trapped within the minerals and cannot escape back into the atmosphere, which effectively sequesters it from the environment.

By collaborating with top experts in mineralization, the company has created technology that can function effectively in different geological settings, allowing them to expand and make a significant impact on climate change within ten years.

As announced by Cella, this shared effort with Green Carbon Valley will aim to accelerate green development in Kenya by focusing on the future establishment of carbon removal and eco-friendly industrial centers in key areas throughout the country.

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By utilizing the expertise of Cella in carbon mineralization and the comprehensive knowledge of local ecosystems and project development skills of Great Carbon Valley, the goal of the two companies is to expedite the establishment of a dynamic green growth model in Kenya supported by high-quality carbon management services. 

The partnership is a major achievement in the companies’ joint dedication to realizing the great possibilities for green industrial growth in the country.

This collaboration comes after Cella’s ongoing trial project in the area and is happening in response to a growing number of DAC and industry partners looking to leverage Kenya’s plentiful renewable energy resources and the opportunity for carbon sequestration.

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