Launches World’s First Carbon Removal Suppliers And Buyers Survey Released The World's First Carbon Removal Supplier And Buyers Surveys - Carbon Herald
Credit: – the community driven effort to bring transparency and accountability to the carbon removal market, has announced the launch of the world’s first supplier and buyer surveys. The surveys will aim to gather information from the public in order to assess the current and future capacity and demand for durable carbon dioxide removal. 

For the purpose of the surveys, durable CDR is defined as methods with over 100 years of permanence and any emissions reduction, restoration or other forms of CDR with a permanence of less than 100 years are not covered. 

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The surveys are two as they are separate for purchasers and buyers and take around 5 minutes to complete. The deadline for participants to fill them is until the end of November. In January 2024, will publish reports with the insights from both surveys.

The actors that have completed the survey or have assisted in distributing them to their ecosystem partners will receive a complimentary copy of the detailed reports, including breakdowns and insights not available in the summary reports. 

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Companies that have not completed either survey or assisted with its distribution can purchase the detailed report for a fee to help cover its costs.

Gathering information on the future CDR demand is important for the market to gain a better idea on how quickly durable carbon removals will be able to fulfill their purpose of reducing amounting emissions in the atmosphere and what the future of the whole carbon removals sector looks like.

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