Launches API To Allow Carbon Removal Data Integration Into Workflows Launches API To Allow Carbon Removal Data Integration Into Workflows - Carbon Herald
Credit: – the community driven platform providing critical information and overview of the carbon dioxide removal (CDR) market, announced the launch of its API, providing programmatic access to reliable CDR data that could be embedded directly into workflows. Custom apps can also be built to solve bottlenecks for the organization. 

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Some example of how customers can use the API are as follows: 

  • They can generate leads for carbon removal sales – identifying new prospects for carbon removal sales teams happens by querying the API for purchasers who have bought similar products in the past. People can sync the data with their CRM for outreach.
  • They can build a Slack bot for real-time order updates – the Slack bot will post updates whenever new orders are added to the database.
  • They can enhance climate project ratings and analysis – carbon removal data integrated into project ratings and analysis tools would provide more comprehensive and accurate assessments of a project’s potential impact and cost-effectiveness.
  • They can track industry trends with custom dashboards – people can create custom dashboards that visualize key metrics and trends in the carbon removal industry via the API, such as top suppliers, average prices, and total volumes over time.

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Potential users can check out the API Reference and Docs for further information. Those who are not members will have to apply here to get the API key from the Partner Portal. People can also reach out to if they have ideas, questions, feedback or what to find out about other ways they can use the API.

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