CDR Standards – Danny Cullenward, CarbonPlan – Live Event!

Sustaera - Modular Direct Air Capture Ready to Scale – Live Event! - Carbon Herald

Another Tuesday and another event with This Is CDR! This week the Open Air Collective web series will welcome CarbonPlan’s Policy Director Danny Cullenward to talk about the importance of standards for carbon direct removal (CDR). Things like additionality, durability, life-cycle analysis, measurement and verification will all be presented and discussed in detail.

The free event is at 12pm ET (5pm GMT) and you can register for it here.

Danny Cullenward is an energy economist and lawyer focused on the design and implementation of scientifically grounded climate policy. He holds a JD and PhD from Stanford University, and is a Research Fellow at the Institute for Carbon Removal Law & Policy.

You can watch the previous episode of This Is CDR below. In it guests Dr Kate Moran and David Goldberg talk about Solid Carbon – an ambitious and important integrated direct air capture and carbon storage project being planned for deployment off the Pacific coast of British Columbia.

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