Releases Its Most Comprehensive Report To Date Releases Its Most Comprehensive Report To Date - Carbon Herald

Yesterday, released what it claims to be its ‘most comprehensive report yet’ with details on the carbon removals purchased and delivered so far this year. is the largest openly available data platform focused on high-permanence carbon dioxide removal (CDR) monitoring.

The report titled 2023 Mid-Year Progress Report largely builds on the great interest in the ’22 Year in Review report and can be found here

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Some of the report’s highlights include the amount of CO2 removals purchased in the first half of 2023, namely 3.3 million metric tons with this year shaping up to demonstrate tenfold growth compared to 2022. 

Furthermore, 34,000 tons of carbon removals have already been delivered, which is slightly more than the amount delivered in the same period last year.

One of the interesting variables is the number of buyers, where things are headed in the right direction and 2023 will likely register improved figures. But that increase doesn’t show signs of the rapid growth the industry needs.


The number of suppliers has also gone up to 21 from 19 this time last year, where some of the top suppliers are Charm Industrial, Carbofex, Wakefield BioChar and Novocarbo. 

So far, this year the companies to make the most purchases of carbon removals include Microsoft, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Airbu and Shopify.

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