Introduces New Features, Announced New CDR Methods’ Classification Introduces New Features, Announced New CDR Methods' Classification - Carbon Herald
Credit: – the initiative providing data and transparency of the carbon dioxide removal market, released a few updates that improve information, standards and decision – making around CDR. The organization announced new features to its existing Portal and Map tools. It also released a new classification for carbon removal methods.

The Portal is the dashboard that helps parties organize their listings and carbon dioxide removal delivery flow while the Carbon Removal Map provides a comprehensive view of carbon removal projects. The new feature integrated into the Portal for market participants and the Carbon Removal Map for public exploration, is Projects & Facilities. 

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It shows detailed project and facility information that aims to support suppliers, purchasers, consultants, analysts, advocates, and policymakers in their missions to scaling carbon removal globally. 

A new functionality part of Projects & Facilities is Adding new Projects and Facilities which allows partners to add new facilities and projects directly through the Portal and suggest edits. Another functionality available on the Carbon Removal Map is that the project-and-facility-level data is filterable by method and country.

Partners can directly update their profiles to ensure that the most accurate and reliable information about the company is presented on the website and Map for everyone in the ecosystem, from corporate buyers and investors to researchers and media professionals to see.

Relevant: Launches API To Allow Carbon Removal Data Integration Into Workflows also announced on June 12 that it has designed a new classification system for durable carbon removal methods that categorized CDR methods into 16 categories. Additionally, the initiative introduced a new carbon removal and “Storage Method” classification to further enhance the granularity and precision of the data. 

The classification aims to improve clarity in CDR methodologies, provide higher-quality data and more understandable insights for users. The partners can use the updated methods when adding or updating their orders in the Portal. More about the classification methods can be read here.

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