CCm Technologies Makes Sustainable Fertilizers With Less CO2

CCm Technologies Makes Sustainable Fertilizers Cutting 1.01 t/CO2e For Each Tonne Of Fertilizer Produced - Carbon Herald

An award-winning cleantech company is cutting emissions produced from artificial fertilizers. CCm Technologies optimizes the captured CO2 resource from industrial plants and fixes it in a wide variety of materials such as ammonia and phosphates. It then uses these materials to create fertilizers with a significantly lower than usual carbon footprint.

CCm Technologies’ fertilizers remove CO2 equivalent, through soil carbon sequestration and avoiding emissions produced through conventional fertilizer production where significant energy requirements are incurred when ammonia for nitrogen is made. 

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Fertilizers are such that they can directly replace a significant proportion of chemical fertilizer use on farm. They improve soil health by increasing micro-organism families and raise water retention in soil by up to 60%.

They have shown to reduce surface run-off by 80%, and decrease lost nutrients and contaminants found in leachate liquors which often end up in clean rivers and seas. 

The company is operating a project that will utilize carbon capture to create sustainable fertilizers at an Anaerobic Digestion facility in the United Kingdom. The unit will produce fertilizers that will remove CO2 equivalent by sequestering it within soil for at least 20 years. 

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CCm Technologies plans to make 500 tonnes of sustainable fertilizer, that will remove 1.01 t/CO2e for each tonne of product produced. It will generate 505 CO2 Removal Certificates (CORCS). The company was recently listed on the voluntary marketplace for carbon removal Puro.Earth, available at $65 per carbon credit. 

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