Catona Climate And Deloitte To Deliver High-Quality Carbon Credits

Catona Climate And Deloitte To Deliver High-Quality Carbon Credits - Carbon Herald

Catona Climate and Deloitte have announced a new partnership designed to empower businesses in the United States to reach their net-zero goals. 

This collaboration simplifies access to Catona‘s portfolio of impactful carbon reduction projects, seamlessly integrated with Deloitte’s GreenLight solution.

GreenLight is a comprehensive carbon management tool developed by Deloitte. It guides large companies through every step of their journey to net-zero emissions. 

GreenLight helps organizations assess their carbon footprint, create a strategic decarbonization plan, and implement effective emissions reduction initiatives.

Catona Credits: Verified Impact for a Sustainable Future

Through this partnership, Catona’s high-quality carbon credits become an integral part of GreenLight. 

These credits represent verified emissions reductions from carefully vetted carbon reduction projects around the world. 

By purchasing these credits, companies can offset unavoidable emissions and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.

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“This is the climate decade and organizations that understand climate risks are ready to take action. Our collaboration is all about enabling Deloitte clients that are already focused on reducing their footprint to access a diverse portfolio of high-quality carbon projects,” said Rob Lee, Chief Carbon Officer, Catona Climate. 

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with Deloitte to support more organizations on their path to net zero.”

The market for carbon offsets is rapidly expanding, but it can be complex and confusing. 

Businesses need confidence that the credits they purchase are legitimate and contribute to real environmental impact.

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Catona’s rigorous project selection process ensures the credibility and effectiveness of their carbon reduction efforts.

This collaboration between Catona Climate and Deloitte goes beyond traditional carbon offsetting.  

By integrating carbon reduction projects into GreenLight, they are creating a scalable solution that can significantly accelerate positive environmental change.

“Our clients are looking for high-integrity carbon solutions with transparency and real impact — through this collaboration with Catona Climate, we can deliver on that. We value Catona’s dedication to diligence and rigor when sourcing, vetting, and monitoring projects, as well as their deep relationships and thoughtful engagement with project developers,” said John Mennel, Managing Director and Data and Assets, Sustainability, Climate and Equity Leader at Deloitte Consulting LLP. 

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