Carbyon Wins Milestone XPRIZE Award For Breakthrough Carbon Removal Tech

Carbyon Wins Milestone XPRIZE Award For Breakthrough Carbon Removal Tech - Carbon Herald

Carbyon just recently became one of fifteen climate tech companies to be awarded a $1 million Milestone Award in the XPRIZE Carbon Removal competition. 

Symbolically, the winners were announced by the Musk Foundation on Earth Day.

The Milestone Awards are intended as a token of recognition for the efforts put in to date and to support their continuation moving forward.

Finally, the overall winners of the $100M XPRIZE competition will be announced in 2025 and will receive the main prize of $80 million. 

Carbyon entered the competition with its unique technology designed to capture carbon dioxide directly from the air, a process known as direct air capture or DAC. 

What brings Carbyon’s design to the next level compared to existing alternatives is its very low manufacturing costs and extreme energy efficiency. 

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The startup’s approach relies on the Hiden HPR-20 R&D system, which allows for real-time quantitative analysis of different gasses. 

It also involves the use of thin-film layers of carbon sorbents, which further decreases the costs of the DAC process itself. 

Hence, while providing a viable solution for the climate crisis, Carbyon’s technology can also offer companies that recycle CO2 and use it to manufacture valuable products a cheaper raw material. 

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The company’s ambition is to scale and further develop its technology and reach gigaton scale of carbon removal by the next decade, thus offering a significant contribution to the mitigation of the climate crisis. 

Founded in 2019, Carbyon is made up of a small team of scientists and engineers that are constantly working on ways to better their technology and help create a more sustainable future for our and future generations. 

We would like to congratulate Carbyon on winning this recent XPRIZE Milestone Award and wish the team well on its path forward!

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