Carbyon Makes Direct Air Capture Breakthrough With Low-Energy, Ultra-Fast Process

Carbyon Validates Fast-Swing Carbon Capture Breakthrough - Carbon Herald

Article originally published on November 28, 2023.

Carbyon, a Dutch company specializing in direct air capture (DAC), recently announced that it has demonstrated the effectiveness of their unique fast-swing carbon capture process, proving it is able to collect emissions while using less than 2,500 kWh/ton.

Carbyon was the first company in the world to significantly lower the initial capital expenditures (CAPEX) of DAC technology by utilizing their rapid-swing process.

The recent accomplishment is a significant milestone for the company, as it has now positioned them to sufficiently lower the energy consumption as well, making their breakthrough a giant leap towards a cost-effective DAC technology below $100/ton.

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In the quest to find a cost-effective DAC solution, Carbyon has developed a highly efficient carbon capture material. While traditional materials take hours to capture CO2 from the air, Carbyon’s material can accomplish the same task in just a few minutes.

This means that each kilogram of their material can capture up to 5 tons of CO2 per year. As a result, they are able to design a compact DAC machine with a CAPEX cost of less than $50 per ton.

Initially, the fast-swing CO2 capture process faced challenges with water adsorption, which resulted in an energy penalty. However, a recent breakthrough discovery has significantly reduced water uptake, leading to an energy demand of less than 2,500 kWh/ton while still retaining their CAPEX benefits.

Carbyon’s new discovery has provided a deep comprehension of the operational principles, giving them the ability to further decrease the energy requirement of the technology. According to Founder and CEO Hans De Neve, the company is poised to reach the market target of $100/ton with its all-electric, low-CAPEX technology.

The company is experiencing rapid expansion and is in the process of creating their initial large-scale machine, which will be tested in real-world settings with partner organizations.

To date, the company has secured $10 million in funding and is currently seeking additional investment to support future endeavors.

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