Carbonx Climate Purchases 746 Tons Of Ocean Carbon Removals From

Carbonx Climate Purchases 746Mt Of Ocean Carbon Removals From - Carbon Herald

Carbonx Climate – a carbon credit procurement and management company, continues to roll out carbon dioxide removal (CDR) transaction announcements. The company has purchased 746 metric tons of marine carbon removals and mineralization from – an ocean CDR startup. 

“At Carbonx Climate, our mission is to identify and drive financing to the most promising and scalable Carbon Removal initiatives,” as stated in the company’s announcement. 

Relevant: Equatic Launches New Low-Cost, Gigaton-Scale Ocean Carbon Removal Tech is a company founded in 2021 that commercializes a novel electrolytic process for ocean carbon removal, developed by scientists at UCLA’s Institute for Carbon Management. The process involves continuous flow-through of seawater in an electrolyzer that stabilizes carbon dioxide permanently in the form of dissolved bicarbonate ions and solid mineral carbonates. 

Additionally, the process produces green hydrogen as a co-product that generates another revenue stream and can serve as an energy resource.

Equatic’s technology has been demonstrated with two pilots, one at the Port of Los Angeles and another in Singapore – each removing ~100 kg of CO2 per day. Equatic has designed and built novel, two-chamber, flow-through electrolytic reactors and is continuously validating and optimizing the technology. 

Relevant: Equatic Releases MRV White Paper On High-Quality Carbon Credits

“Equatic’s approach is distinct, addressing both future and legacy carbon simultaneously. Carbon removal is directly measured using sensors inside Equatic’s facility. When combined with the vastness of the ocean, this approach enables unprecedented certainty for the permanent storage of atmospheric carbon at accessible cost,” commented Edward Sanders, Chief Operating Officer at Equatic. 

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