Carbonx Climate Buys 2,699 Tons Of Carbon Removals From Carbon Capture Scotland

Carbonx Climate Buys 2,699 Tons Of Carbon Removals From Carbon Capture Scotland - Carbon Herald

Carbonx Climate – a carbon credit procurement and management company, has announced a significant transaction with Carbon Capture Scotland, under which it has purchased 2,699 metric tons of carbon removal on behalf of its clients.

This strategic collaboration makes carbon removal more accessible to companies, furthering their shared goal of a sustainable future, the partners said Tuesday.

The transaction is a testament to Carbon Capture Scotland’s commitment to robust, high-quality engineering solutions and and underscores our ability to achieve substantial, permanent carbon removal, according to the company’s co-founder and CEO, Richard Nimmons.

Carbon Capture Scotland, which specializes in the permanent removal of biogenic carbon dioxide (CO2) from fermentation processes, is committed to advancing these technologies to effectively address large-scale biogenic removal across Europe, Nimmons affirmed.

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In turn, Sebastien Dewarrat, co-founder of Carbonx Climate, expressed enthusiasm over the partnership with Carbon Capture Scotland, forecasting it will become a “landmark European Carbon Removal initiative.”

Carbonx Climate has been impressed and inspired by their unparalleled technology and track record in capturing biogenic CO2 from the whisky industry and by their ambition to tackle large-scale biogenic emissions, Dewarrat stated.

Carbonx Climate works with a diverse range of high-impact carbon removal projects, and its portfolio includes direct air capture (DAC), enhanced rock weathering (ERW), ocean carbon dioxide removal (CDR), and bio-based solutions such as bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) and biochar.

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