CarbonQuest And Daroga Introduce Innovative Low-Carbon Fuel Cell Technology

CarbonQuest And Daroga Introduce Innovative Low-Carbon Fuel Cell Technology - Carbon Herald

CarbonQuest and Daroga Power have teamed up to introduce an innovative low-carbon fuel cell technology aimed at revolutionizing the commercial and industrial sectors in the U.S. and Canada.

The partnership will work to provide a CO2-neutral fuel cell solution, supporting the reduction of carbon emissions in buildings, campus settings, and other facilities. The new technology promises to offer a game-changing approach to addressing environmental concerns and advancing sustainability efforts in these sectors.

Daroga Power, a leading clean energy infrastructure firm based in New York, will be responsible for developing, installing, and operating the fuel cells, which have the capability to power industrial facilities, buildings, and campus settings without interruptions and without the need for batteries. 

CarbonQuest specializes in providing modular and accessible solutions that capture CO2 emissions from buildings before they are released into the atmosphere. This captured CO2 is then converted into a liquid form and transported to local businesses that require carbon for their industrial processes, such as cement manufacturers.

The shared project will utilize CarbonQuest’s Distributed Carbon Capture™ technology to absorb the carbon emissions produced by the fuel cells, preventing them from being released into the atmosphere.

This innovative approach not only reduces the carbon footprint of the fuel cells but also creates a valuable secondary product. CarbonQuest plans to sell the captured carbon to industrial users, creating a new revenue stream and promoting the reuse of carbon emissions.

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The partnership aims to accelerate the adoption of this technology by providing clients with financing options for the upfront capital required to purchase the systems.

In addition to financial support, the companies will also offer long-term maintenance services for the fuel cells and carbon capture components, ensuring that clients can seamlessly integrate and maintain the new technology.

This collaboration between CarbonQuest and Daroga holds great potential in the field of sustainability. With the aim of signing on around 20 projects in the coming year, the two companies are poised to make a significant impact by generating an estimated 100,000 metric tons per year of recycled, liquified Sustainable CO2.

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