Carbonfuture To Host Carbon Removal Summit 2024 In London

Carbonfuture To Host Carbon Removal Summit 2024 In London - Carbon Herald
Source: Carbonfuture

Carbonfuture, the leading MRV Infrastructure provider for durable carbon removal, will be hosting the second annual Carbon Removal Summit 2024 on June 13th in London.

This exclusive event organized together with Reuters Events aims to unite key players in this rapidly growing method of tackling climate change.

Discussions and presentations featuring scientists, technology leaders, and other stakeholders will capitalize on the increasing interest in CDR.

This rise in interest is driven by companies committed to achieving net-zero emissions, who are actively seeking solutions beyond simply reducing fuel emissions.

The timing of the summit couldn’t be better, as the landscape of CDR is evolving rapidly. Just recently, the EU Parliament voted to adopt a system for certifying carbon removal projects. 

Establishing a trustworthy tracking and certification system is the next crucial step in building confidence among investors in CDR. 

Carbonfuture recently launched its suite of sensors for CDR projects. This collaboration brings together leaders in setting standards, manufacturing, monitoring, data collection, and certification for CDR. 

This will make it easier for companies seeking verified CDR solutions to find suitable suppliers.

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The partnership with, a leading organization for CDR standards and certification, is likely to be a major focus for environmentally conscious corporations looking to invest in carbon removal. has secured a major role as a Carbon Pioneer Sponsor. The company manages 80% of the world’s certified carbon removal credits, which Puro CEO Antti Vihavainen predicts will skyrocket to 400,000 in 2024..

“We are excited to contribute to the progress of the carbon removal industry by participating in Carbonfuture’s  Carbon Removal Summit 2024.’s commitment to transparently certify only high-quality durable CDR aligns with Carbonfuture’s mission to build a digital Trust Infrastructure for durable carbon removal to accelerate the scaling of CDR,” said Puro CEO Antti Vihavainen.

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