Carbonfuture Teams Up With South Pole To Scale Biochar Projects Globally

Swiss Re Signs Agreement With Carbonfuture For Purchasing Carbon Removal Credits

Carbonfuture – the platform for high-quality carbon removals, is partnering with South Pole – the developer of comprehensive emission reduction projects and strategies, to scale up biochar projects globally. 

The two companies will collaborate to apply Carbonfuture’s digital tracking platform to monitor and report on the impacts of biochar under South Pole’s regional biochar projects in Europe, the United States, and Africa. 

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The partnership will aim to accurately verify the amount of carbon removals generated by the biochar projects and uphold their environmental integrity as biochar-related activities continue to develop.

South Pole is a well-established carbon management business that works with corporations and governments across the globe to help them realize deep decarbonization. The company has expertise in understanding climate risks, opportunities, and carbon removal methodologies. It also manages pools of capital that invest in climate action.

The company also announced it is aligning the grouped biochar projects to the latest requirements of the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) – a standard for certifying carbon emissions reductions, administered by Verra – the secretariat for various carbon management standards. 

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“High-quality carbon removals can only be scaled when they have integrity at their core… This partnership is a key milestone in facilitating scale and quality. We are proud to have been chosen by South Pole to support this new VCS grouped biochar project with Carbonfuture’s seamless tracking services, ensuring the granular documentation and verification of each carbon sink created,” says Hannes Junginger-Gestrich, CEO of Carbonfuture. 

According to both companies, South Pole’s grouped project makes Carbonfuture’s tracking instrument available to a large number of mid-sized biochar projects. 

The projects will thus have their carbon removals effectively monitored, reported, and verified in line with the new VCS methodology. As a result, they will gain better access to finance from the voluntary carbon market to scale their activities.

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