Carbonfuture Signs Deal With Swiss Re For 70,000 Tonnes Of Biochar Removals From Exomad Green

Carbonfuture Signs Deal With Swiss Re For 70,000 Tonnes Of Biochar Removals From Exomad Green

Biochar carbon removal has secured another backing from corporate off-takers. Swiss Re has signed a 7-year contract with Carbonfuture – a leading carbon removal marketplace, for the supply of at least 70,000 tonnes of biochar credits from Exomad Green – a Bolivia-based biochar producer committed to the vision of becoming a world leader in the sector.

The credits will come from Exomad’s new Riberalta facility in Bolivia that is under construction. Swiss Re can also purchase further credits from multiple durable carbon removal projects to meet its net-zero goals. All of them will be verified by independent third-party verifiers and certified by third-parties to guarantee their integrity and trustworthiness.

Exomad Green is the biochar division of Exomad – a sustainable timber producer in South America. The company has one operational biochar plant in Concepción and two more under construction. It produces biochar from sustainable forestry residues that would otherwise be incinerated. The biochar is also donated to local indigenous communities and mid-sized farming operations. As it can be used as a replacement of synthetic fertilizers that are normally derived from fossil fuels, it provides numerous benefits to soil health being a natural nutrient, while also saves emissions from fossil fuel use in fertilizer production.

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The application of biochar reduces deforestation linked to soil degradation and for over 250,000 inhabitants of the Riberalta region in Bolivia it is a useful tool ensuring improved sustainability and living. Exomad’s biochar initiative aims to serve an area approximately the size of the United Kingdom.

“We are proud to partner with Swiss Re and Carbonfuture in this groundbreaking effort. This marks one of the first deals for Exomad Green’s new facility in Riberalta, representing a significant milestone in our mission to scale up the conversion of forestry waste into carbon-sequestering biochar at the level our planet urgently needs. This partnership will not only benefit the environment but also bring a wide array of co-benefits to the Riberalta region, a region in need. We also hope this collaboration will inspire more companies to take immediate action,” said Diego Justiniano, President of Exomad Green.

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