Carbonfuture Signs Agreement With For 1,800 Carbon Removal Credits

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The carbon removal tracing platform Carbonfuture announced on January 26th a new partnership with environmental services provider The collaboration is a long-term agreement for the supply of a total of 1,800 carbon removal credits by Carbonfuture to

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“Klimate was founded on the realization that a lot of good money is being wasted on bad carbon offsets – wasteful at best, greenwashing at worst. High-quality carbon removals however can only be scaled when they have integrity at their core. Klimate’s multi-year commitment once again sends a signal to the market, enphasizing that transparent and impact-based climate solutions are necessary to reach a higher credit quality at lower risk,” commented Hannes Junginger-Gestrich, CEO of Carbonfuture. connects carbon removal projects and buyers with efficient financing. The company works with clients that want to achieve net zero by combining the world’s best carbon removal methods into portfolios that match the clients’ budgets and ambitions. Klimate offers portfolios of companies that can remove CO2 from the atmosphere to help them scale and reverse climate change.

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Carbonfuture provides software that tracks carbon credits and a marketplace for carbon removal purchases. The goal of Carbonfuture is to make carbon removal from the atmosphere simple, trustworthy, and scalable.

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