Carbonfuture & Team Up To Scale Carbon Removal

Carbonfuture & Team Up To Scale Carbon Removal - Carbon Herald

End-to-end platform for carbon credits Carbonfuture has just announced its new partnership with, a leading carbon removal standard and registry.

The aim of the freshly inked agreement between the two entities is to speed up the scaling of durable carbon dioxide removal or CDR. 

By joining forces with, Carbonfuture will expand its ecosystem of third-party CDR standards and integrate projects certified by into Carbonfuture MRV+ and the Carbonfuture Marketplace.

In turn, the partnership will provide Puro-certified suppliers with access to the largest carbon removal marketplace, where they can sell their verified, high-quality carbon removal credits. 

Credits that have been verified by and meet the Puro Standard for engineered carbon removal demonstrate their alignment with robust, science-based quantification methodologies.

The different engineered carbon removal approaches include biochar, enhanced rock weathering, direct air capture (DAC), and others. 

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The Puro Registry then issues what is known as CORCs (CO2 Removal Certificates), which allows anyone to track their full lifecycle from issuance to retirement, which greatly helps boost buyer confidence, since the Puro Standard is the first to be endorsed by the International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance (ICROA) for durable carbon removal. 

“We are excited to partner with to advance the scale of durable carbon removal. Integrating the Puro Standard and Registry with Carbonfuture MRV+ and Carbonfuture Marketplace will empower CDR suppliers to seamlessly navigate the certification process and expand market access, while providing buyers with the assurance to confidently purchase carbon removal credits,” said Hannes Junginger-Gestrich, CEO of Carbonfuture.

The partnership is a testament to the importance of collaboration across the CDR ecosystem in the name of quickly scaling carbon removal efforts.

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