Carbonfuture And MASH Makes Agreed On Carbon Credits Delivery

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A major milestone for the carbon dioxide removal (CDR) industry is helping it reach scalability. Carbonfuture – a carbon credit marketplace and MASH Makes – an Indo-Danish cleantech company, signed a five-year purchase agreement for Carbonfuture to deliver 50,000 metric tons of CO2 equivalent.

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The agreement is one of the biggest purchase commitments of carbon credits to date. It represents a major step for Carbonfuture’s mission of providing high-quality carbon removal in the gigatonne-range. 

“Our mission at Carbonfuture is gigatonne-scale climate impact… Not just because we want to, but because it is needed to reach the ambitious targets a just and liveable future requires. For us, and the nascent carbon removal sector, this deal with our trusted partner MASH Makes marks a big step. It represents all the values our company is built upon: transparent, science-based and trustworthy removal credits, delivering a new tier of quality to an emerging market we so desperately need,” commented Hannes Junginger-Gestrich, CEO at Carbonfuture.

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MASH Makes uses automated machines that are able to produce bio-oil, hydrogen, and electricity from agricultural waste and biochar is the main byproduct of this process. Carbonfuture will measure the carbon stored by the MASH Makes’ biochar facilities. 

After third-party verification by auditors accredited at Carbon Standards International, the resultant carbon removal credits will be sold via Carbonfuture’s integrated marketplace.

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