Carbonfuture And CEEZER New Partnership Will Increase Access To Carbon Credits

Carbonfuture And CEEZER New Partnership Will Increase Access To Carbon Credits - Carbon Herald
Credit: Carbonfuture

Two companies in the carbon removal industry are teaming up to increase scale, impact and reliability of emissions reduction projects. CEEZER – a company providing a platform to screen, purchase and manage carbon credits, and Carbonfuture – a leading market player in providing an end-to-end platform for scaling durable carbon removal credits, has formed a partnership to increase access of companies to high-quality CO2 removal projects.

With this collaboration, Carbonfuture’s projects will be directly integrated into CEEZER’s platform through an API, allowing companies to enter long-term contracts directly via CEEZER’s platform. That way, CEEZER will be able to offer its clients a greater variety of directly tradable high-quality carbon credits.

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“By providing access to Carbonfuture’s extensive portfolio, we offer our customers even more opportunities to acquire high-quality CO2removal projects. With already over 50% of the directly tradable credits from this scarce product category, we provide our customers with the largest selection available. As part of the European ecosystem, we are setting new standards for direct integration, enabling companies to make an even more effective contribution to new climate technologies,” commented Magnus Drewelies, Founder and CEO of CEEZER.

CEEZER is a startup in the space, founded in 2021 with the goal to give companies access to the complex voluntary carbon market and thus deliver a true climate action that will contribute to reducing emissions.

Carbonfuture is a leading platform in providing carbon credits, founded in 2020 with the goal of speeding up the transition to a net-zero future by scaling carbon removal to the gigatonne level. The company is delivering on its ambition via its Carbonfuture Marketplace and Trust Infrastructure.

It has focused on ensuring trust in the carbon removal space and its comprehensive Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) process is the key component of the Trust Infrastructure for durable carbon removal.

“CEEZER and Carbonfuture are united in their commitment to high-quality carbon removal powered by data and technology. The integration of Carbonfuture’s extensive portfolio of carbon removal projects, meticulously vetted through the rigorous Carbonfuture MRV+ process to ensure the utmost quality, and CEEZER’s advanced digital platform, enables corporate buyers to make their carbon removal investments with confidence, while suppliers benefit from the expanded market access,” explained Hannes Junginger-Gestrich, Founder and CEO of Carbonfuture.

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The company teamed up with Puro.Earth in August 2023 – the leading carbon removal standard and registry, to enhance its services under the Trust Infrastructure by combining the Carbonfuture monitoring reporting and verification MRV+ expertise with the Puro Standard. Carbonfuture’s carbon removal supplier services will also guide CDR suppliers through the necessary steps to achieve certification under the Puro Standard.

The partnerships between key market players in the carbon removal industry are critical for the space to ensure the unification and acceleration of the most effective climate change solutions on the voluntary carbon market.

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