Carbonfuture Adds Neustark To Its Portfolio Of Carbon Removals

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Carbonfuture – the platform for high-quality carbon removal credits announces a new partnership with neustark – a company using CO2 from the air to build concrete. The collaboration is for neustark to provide 1500 tonnes of carbon dioxide removals on Carbonfuture’s platform over five years. 

With this partnership, Carbonfuture expands its portfolio of trusted carbon removal businesses which accelerates its pathway of scaling the carbon removal industry. So far the marketplace has been counting on biochar on its platform for carbon removal done the right way. 

According to neustark, the partnership represents a big step forward in the efficient monitoring and digital traceability of its operations. The startup sees Carbonfuture’s tracking system and carbon accounting solution as a way to make sure its processes are streamlined and transparent and opens the opportunity for them to deliver even bigger emissions reductions. 

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“Working with Carbonfuture enables us to reach a new level of efficiency and rigor when it comes to the tracing and monitoring of our negative emission technology. This sort of science-based approach to carbon removal is the solution we need to enable trustworthy climate action”, said Johannes Tiefenthaler, co-founder of neustark.

Carbonfuture will offer its carbon tracking services to neustark to ensure actual carbon removal. The company uses a blockchain-based carbon-tracking platform and financing tools to facilitate accurate, transparent, and clear carbon credits purchase processes. 

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By adding carbon removal credits from concrete made out of captured CO2 to its platform, the carbon marketplace is taking an important step towards diversifying its portfolio.

Carbonfuture also recently launched a new program called Catalyst where it partners with carbon removal companies for no-strings-attached carbon credit pre-purchases and methodology support. 

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Three companies already joined the program: Heimdal, Lithos Carbon, and Ucaneo. According to Carbonfuture, they will be supported anywhere along their journey from a proof-of-concept demonstration to formal participation in the high-quality carbon removal market. Catalyst allows the initial pre-purchasing of credits to ensure a path towards long-term and large-scale offtake for those nascent companies.

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