Carbonethic Launches Carbon Sequestration Project With Dease River First Nation In Canada

Carbonethic Launches Carbon Sequestration Project With Dease River First Nation In Canada - Carbon Herald

Carbonethic Holdings Inc., a leader in carbon sequestration projects, has partnered with Dease River First Nation to launch a significant forest management initiative near Dease Lake in northwestern British Columbia, according to a company statement on Tuesday.

This project, spanning 1.1 million hectares (2.7 million acres) in the Cassiar Forest District, aims to promote sustainable forest practices and enhance community engagement.

The Cassiar Forest District, covering a total of 13.1 million hectares, represents one-sixth of British Columbia.

Utilizing advanced technologies such as AI, machine learning, and remote sensing, the project will generate removal and avoidance carbon credits, highlighting the essential role of trees in carbon dioxide (CO2) removal and forest conservation.

The project’s scope includes generating additional credits by maximizing forest assets and addressing negligent mining reclamation.

It also aims to support community infrastructure, including building a school, improving housing, and creating jobs, enabling community members to return to their traditional lands.

Furthermore, active land management will mitigate forest fires and promote environmental sustainability.

A key feature of the partnership is a revenue-sharing model that guarantees Dease River First Nation at least 51% of the net proceeds from carbon offset sales within the project area.

Additionally, 19% of net revenue will be reinvested into active forest management, enhancing sustainability and environmental stewardship.

The 25-year Carbon Credit Production Agreement reflects a long-term commitment to sustainable practices, benefiting both the environment and the community.

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The collaboration includes reforestation and general silviculture to maximize carbon sequestration and improve forest health. A joint committee will oversee the project to ensure transparent governance.

Carbonethic will also provide training opportunities, empowering the Dease River First Nation with sustainable forest management skills, supporting local capacity building, and ensuring long-term sustainability.

“We are thrilled to partner with Dease River First Nation on this significant initiative,” said Brent Tolmie, CEO of Carbonethic. “This project underscores our commitment to sustainable forest management and highlights the importance of community engagement.”

Chief Myles Manygreyhorses of Dease River First Nation emphasized the partnership’s role in protecting ancestral lands and creating economic opportunities through advanced technologies.

This project enhances Carbonethic’s substantial IFM portfolio, which includes the Dene Keh Kusan Carbon Project, with partners such as Dease River First Nation, Dena Daylu Council, and Kwadacha Nation.

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