Carboneers Carbon Credits Are Now Part Of Zopeful CDR Portfolios

Carboneers Carbon Credits Are Now Part Of Zopeful CDR Portfolios - Carbon Herald
Credit: Zopeful

Zopeful – a platform offering high quality carbon removal portfolios and Carboneers – a developer of smallholder farmer biochar projects in the Global South, announced a new partnership making Carboneers part of Zopeful’s Carbon Removal Portfolios.

According to the announcement, supporting Carboneers through the portfolios of Zopeful, ensures an investment in carbon removal while also investing in the socio-economic development of local farming communities in the Global South. As over 85% of the world’s biomass is located in the Global South, the region offers an environment for biochar and sustainable agriculture development that will accelerate climate change mitigation efforts. 

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Carboneers is a company founded in 2021 as Dutch Carboneers and later rebranded in 2023. It started its first two projects in India with a local partner Together for Restoration, and rolled out two more projects later that year in Ghana, with another local partner Eroceht. 

By the end of 2023, the company was working in collaboration with over 2000 rural farming communities and multiple local implementation partners to scale biochar projects.

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The company’s activities are involved around providing training on the ground to farmers and partners on how biomass is stored, biochar is produced and how it is applied to the soil. It has also developed its own digital Monitoring Reporting and Verification application for mobile devices to track the biochar production. 

With every biochar production batch, a supervisor is present to upload time-stamped photographs and GPS data of the production and biochar end application into the soil. Carboneers checks the incoming data, registers the carbon sink in the C-Sink Registry and sells carbon credits on the voluntary carbon credit market. 65% of the revenues of carbon credits sales in the India project are going directly to farmers and supervisors.

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