CarbonCure Sells 750 Mineralization Systems Marking New Milestone

CarbonCure Sells 750 Mineralization Systems Marking New Milestone - Carbon Herald
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The carbon capture innovator CarbonCure has reached a monumental milestone by selling 750 mineralization systems to its partners operating in the concrete production industry.

The ingenious technology of the mineralization systems from CarbonCure injects sequestered carbon dioxide into fresh concrete and concrete washout water, mineralizing the CO2 and providing a permanent storage solution for captured emissions. The concrete mixes produced via this process are considered lower carbon grade, guaranteeing producers a safe and sustainable way to meet demands for greener production technologies.

The company is on a steady course towards achieving another touchstone success of five million truckloads of low-carbon concrete made in partnership with its client network of concrete producers. The fact that two million of those truckloads were sold in the last year alone is proof of the growing need for emissions-reducing services in the concrete production sector, which accounts for a notable part of the global carbon footprint.

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The carbon removal technologies offered by CarbonCure have been used in more than 30 countries worldwide. They have been applied to more than 28 million cubic meters (36 million cubic yards) of concrete to date—or, as the company explains it, the equivalent of filling 11,000+ Olympic swimming pools or building the Great Pyramid of Giza 11 times over.

CarbonCure is on a mission to gain momentum and remove 500 million metric tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere every year. 

The company wants to redefine the global concrete production business and set a standard for production technology that will benefit producers, consumers, and the environment. 

They intend to accomplish this mission by offering novel decarbonization solutions to concrete manufacturers.

Up to the present moment, the company has managed to save more than 277,800 metric tons of carbon dioxide. With the progress made so far, the company is optimistic about reaching its targeted objectives and generating positive change for the concrete industry.

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